Collection: Ebony Hyde

Ebony offers various art classes inspired by the natural world and fantastical
realms, exploring such themes through creative illustration and traditional natural
history illustration techniques.

Ebony's workshop classes are fun, relaxed and friendly where she encourages students to learn and discover the power of their creative minds. Below is a list of some of the techniques she specialises in;

  • Pen & Ink techniques focusing on fungi, entomology (insects), botanicals.
  • Watercolour basics focusing on seashells, gum nuts, feathers etc.
  • Coloured pencil rendering focusing on natural still-life compositions, skulls etc.
  • Black and Grey graphite work - animal portraits or habitat studies.
  • Acrylic painting on canvas - Botanical studies.
  • Mixed media techniques - Illustrating your spirit animal.
  • Mixed media techniques - Creating your own fantasy character.
  • Classes are designed to work on each piece over a number of weeks.


Art Workshops

Our wonderful team of talented practicing artists are here to inspire, encourage, support and hold space for individuals and groups as you create and explore. Whether a one-off workshop or a continuing class we offer a friendly space to explore your creativity, share ideas, resources and skills, and meet likeminded people.

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